Another Year Gone

Ben 10

Well, last year was an amazing year. I wouldn’t have believed Ben could change so much in a year. He is chattering away at a million miles an hour, asking questions and putting whole sentences together.

Its become very clear he is facinated with two subject, Anything Electromechanical, including phones, computers and almost anything with buttons and secondly Water, be it fountains, Jacuzzies, Swimming pools or the sea. He still can’t swim yet but he is not far off. I will feel easier with him around water once he can swim.

As for electronics, its going to be interesting to see how quickly he can really use some of this stuff. He can already call me on the phone and use his radio controlled car.

So lets see what this year will bring…..

I think he really likes this!

Bens new Wheels
Bens new Wheels

Cha went out the other day and bought a present for Nong Lemon but she really isnt sure about it. But as for Ben………. He absolutely loves his new car.
What is really great is that its radio controlled so we can send him across the carpark and bring him back without any worries.
He found the horn on the second day which is permanantly fixed under his left hand. That was until he discovered that by holding the wheel and turning really hard he can overide the radio control…. It only took him three days to work this out. Me thinks he is going to driving a real car as soon as he can.


I have been in Australia for the last two weeks and thought a Kangaroo would make a good present for Ben. But he didn’t think much of that, he was much more interested in my phone. Never mind you can’t win them all..