Is it a Girl or Boy

Sa Relaxing and Getting Bigger

Last Week we went for the usual scan and they took the samples needed to tell us what the baby will be. Today we returned to get the Results.

All along I have been wanting a little girl but Sa thinks a little boy would be better in the typical Thai style. Her reasoning is that when we get older Sons can look after you, where as daughters get married and go away. All I can think of is the Sin Sod (Dowry). We have already had to help Cha with his Sin Sod as he is going to Marry Nui next month before there baby is born. 

In the west the idea of Children looking after there Parents when old is so different to Thai style. I know that it will not work out like that becaue this baby being 1/2 western will grow up with a whole load of different ideas to the typical Thai ideals.

Anyway I digress, in comes the doctor and…….Its a boy!!!!!

Oh Well, give me a few days and I am sure I will get used to the idea. 

Sa seemed happy enough until I told her that the next one needs to be a little girl. Definately not the smartest of moves on my part!