Having Babies in Thailand

Hospital Room
Hospital Room

Yesterday Sa and Master Ben left hospital and came back home. It’s really quite nerve racking leaving hospital with this little bundle and absolutely no idea what to do with it if it starts screaming or something goes wrong. Having said that Phya Thai Hospital were very good. Although there is no public health service in Thailand it’s not too expensive to go private. I also think the quality of much of what was done was as good if not better than England.

For starters the level of staffing is probably double that of a UK Hospital and the quality of care and attention to detail was excellent. Sa and Bens room was also excellent. It was a huge room with a Flat screen TV, great view, fridge, microwave, kettle, safe, and a large sofa so anyone else can stay with the patient, (which is encouraged). They offer full room service and anyone can order from the extensive menu 24 Hrs a day and it was good quality, tasty Thai and European food.

On top of that, being a commercial business they offer lots of extras like, a professional video service for the birth and hospital stay, professional portrait photographer permanently on site for the all important first pictures. They even do framed, copy birth certificates with plaster foot casts of your baby attached – completely over the top, but there  if you wish.

They also handle all the legal paperwork and just provide you with the birth certificate.

When you leave they pile you high with nappies, books and all sorts of free stuff to get you started. I suspect most of this is free from suppliers to try and get you hooked on their brand of whatever.

All in all very impressive and what was the cost. Everything including Cesarean, all nursing costs, medicine, 3 nights, 4 days in the room, food for everyone , video and portraits ( Ug – Anything to make Sa happy) cost around 800 GBP which I recon is pretty cheap if you think about what it would cost in the UK or US.

One Day and Counting

Nong Ben and Sa
Nong Ben and Sa

Ok, everyone is happy he is OK. The Doctors say he might be 3 weeks early but there is nothing wrong with him. He was being vocal this morning so I can attest there is nothing wrong with his lungs and he even managed to have a good stare at daddy this morning. Probably thinking who is this man that keeps sticking a bottle in my mouth!

The official Stats:

Born: 7:37 am 22nd April 2009

Weight 2.75Kg ( Good for 3 weeks Early)

No Complications Mother and Baby Doing Just Fine.

Nong Ben this Morning
Nong Ben this Morning

Baby Ben – 3 Weeks Early But Just Fine

Ben at 20 Minutes Old

I had a feeling Ben wasn’t going to stay inside much longer. Lucky I didn’t go away as planned.

So 5:30 this morning Sa woke me up and said I think we need to go to the hospital! 6.30 she had her first contraction 6.50 the next 7.00 the next. But due to the position of the baby she had to have a cezerian. Either way it was all over by 7.50.

Although he is 3 weeks early he looks pretty healthy to me and his weight is fine. He was born at exactly 7:49 am. I will fill this out later but for those of you that wanted the news and the first picture quickly. Here is the little boy at 20 minutes old!