What a Lovely Picture

Sorry, but I just thought this was a lovely picture and felt I wanted to share it with everyone.  He really is opening his eyes now and watch things intently.  He has also quietened down and he slept for 6 hours straight last night – amazing. 

I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but now all the new born “puffyness” has gone out of his face, I really really think he looks like me when I was small.

Hansom Little Boy
Hansom Little Boy

Bath Time!

Wow – Ben’s first bath time was eventful. Obviously water is a new experience to the little boy, but I think he has already decided he doesn’t like it. The walls were shaking and I am sure the next door neigbours thought we we trying to murder him. Come to think of it he probably thought we were up to no good as well. He new something was up when we took him out of his nice warm towels and took his nappy off. His eyes openend wide, shortly followed by his mouth which didn’t close again till he was all wrapped up. Oh boy I hope it isn’t like that every time. It took two of us to get him washed as he was struggling so hard.

See what I mean!
See what I mean!

On another note why is it that everyone thinks he is cold. Nappy, Jomper suit, 2 Towels, Gloves and a Wool hat and the poor boy is scarlet. He looks like a well done lobster to me, but everyone including the doctor says, that’s ok, just keep him warm! Very Strange!

Green Poo!

Definately no pictures with this post! 

Last night I got to do my Second Nappy change. The first one was still dry, so no problem. However, the second one was a more messy affair. I couldnt belive my eyes when I saw it was all green inside. After a mild panic thinking that something was very wrong and then a 20 Minute brush up on facts via the Internet I could breath a sigh of relief again. I am sure anyone with a baby knows this stuff but I shure don’t!

It’s all in the Genes

Mr Blue Eyes
Mr Blue Eyes

On the second day Ben opened his eyes and took a good long look at the world for the first time. He actually took a good long look at his Dad while I was trying to stick a bottle in his mouth. I can just imagine what he was thinking. “What is this great big oaf trying to stick in my mouth?”
Now I thought that as Brown eyes were dominant, I automatically assumed that Ben would have Brown eyes, so just imagine my surprise and delight to discover they are Blue! The trouble is that on further investigation it isn’t that simple. Having now become an expert in the last 30 minutes, apparently his eyes will not be their final colour for a year or two and it all depends on whether Sa has what they call Brown/Brown or Brown/Blue genes. Apparently I am Blue/Blue which counts for didally squat (typical).
So I am going to have to wait and see (and keep my fingers crossed). It would be just lovely if they stayed a lovely shade of blue.

What do you think!

What do you think!

What do you think! This morning Sa was looking closely at Ben and said to me. He looks just like you. Now, when babies are only a few days old I really didn’t think you could tell. But it set me thinking so I went and dug out a picture of me when I was 3 days old. Wow! same nose, same hair, same feet and he is even doing the same things my mum told me I did when I was born. I am amazed!

One Day and Counting

Nong Ben and Sa
Nong Ben and Sa

Ok, everyone is happy he is OK. The Doctors say he might be 3 weeks early but there is nothing wrong with him. He was being vocal this morning so I can attest there is nothing wrong with his lungs and he even managed to have a good stare at daddy this morning. Probably thinking who is this man that keeps sticking a bottle in my mouth!

The official Stats:

Born: 7:37 am 22nd April 2009

Weight 2.75Kg ( Good for 3 weeks Early)

No Complications Mother and Baby Doing Just Fine.

Nong Ben this Morning
Nong Ben this Morning

Baby Ben – 3 Weeks Early But Just Fine

Ben at 20 Minutes Old

I had a feeling Ben wasn’t going to stay inside much longer. Lucky I didn’t go away as planned.

So 5:30 this morning Sa woke me up and said I think we need to go to the hospital! 6.30 she had her first contraction 6.50 the next 7.00 the next. But due to the position of the baby she had to have a cezerian. Either way it was all over by 7.50.

Although he is 3 weeks early he looks pretty healthy to me and his weight is fine. He was born at exactly 7:49 am. I will fill this out later but for those of you that wanted the news and the first picture quickly. Here is the little boy at 20 minutes old!

The Penultimate Scan

You can see his Nose!

This we dully did. Sa was lying there with the scanner on her tummy and the Doctor was measuring the size of Ben. Suddenly the Doctor gave a very sharp intake of breath. Sa and I said in unison. What’s the matter! S he only uttered one word in reply. Cesarean!

Sa looked at me with a look of horror on her face. hats the matter I asked again. He is going to be a very big baby was the reply. There is no way he can come out normally!

Sa really didn’t look too happy about this, but Ben seems to be on a role now and just bursting to get out.

If you look at the scan on this post and put your head on your right shoulder you can see Bens nose and mouth which look nice and normal to the doctor and us.

Everyone is already saying he has my nose. We will have to wait a little bit longer to see.

So the 11th May it is, unless Ben decides he wants out before then!

Bens Woken Up!

A Big Baby
A Big Baby with Big Legs

Now Ben has a name he seems to have woken up and started kicking with all his might! He was kicking before but now its totally amazing. Yesterday morning he kicked away for nearly one Hour. He is keeping Sa away all the time now. When we asked the doctor she just laughed, said it was absolutely fine and told us we were going to have a very large very boisterous, little boy will keep our hands full. Well thanks Doctor!


Sa is definitely getting worried now, just by the size of her and feeling this little bundle in her tummy which kicks all day and night, I can just imagine how big a handful he is going to be.

Are Pregnant Women Suppose To Be This Big!

Only 6 Months!
Only 6 Months!

Sa is getting worried now!

The Doctor tells her, our little boy is going to be a very big baby. He has strong legs and may well come early as he is nearly cooked!

Before this Sa thought she would have a natural birth but she is wavering now. I don’t blame her asI cannot guess how painful giving birth is.  So we seem to be down to an Epidural or Cesarean. I think the final choice is down to Sa.

Just look at this picture of her at 6 months and you will see what I mean. Everyone is asking “is it twins?”. We are assured its only one!