He’s finally here!

Joe at the Hospital
Joe at the Hospital

So its with much fanfare that I wish to introduce you to, Joe Nikolas Tamachat Vass. He was born on the 12th October at Phayathai Hospital Bangkok at 8.05am weight was 2.79Kg Quite small but absolutely fine. My first thoughts are that he looks quite like Ben! We are now back home and Joe is settling in nicely. Just like Ben he is quite (no screaming in the middle of the night), but already we can see he knows what he likes and dislikes Next weekend Ben is coming to stay so we will see what my son’s make of each other for the first time. It should be interesting!

Another Year, Another Birthday, Another Baby!

Thinking Hard!
Thinking Hard!
4 Months and Growing
4 Months and Growing

It’s that time of year again!. Next year is the big one that I am not looking forward too, the big five O!

I think it’s time everyone new I am going to be a daddy for the second time. ( Horray, The last time as well I hope. ) Kwan is now 20 weeks pregnant and the baby is strong and health. This month’s scan showed us all his finger and toes and his face! At 4 1/2 months you can’t really see what he is going to look like but it’s still amazing what technology can do these days. It’s another little boy (groan), I really wanted a little girl but never mind, He is due on October the 18th so Ben is going to have a half brother.

Thinking about names right now. Why is it so hard to find the right name. I want something short like Ben so right now the list includes Joe, Sam, Max etc. Any suggestions gratefully received!

Uncle Ben

9am this Morning
9am this Morning

Strange as it may seem, today Ben became an Uncle and Sa became a Grandma. Which I guess makes me Grandpa although I really don’t think about it like that.
Nui gave birth this morning to Nong Lemon. 6.30am, 3Kg, no problems Mother and baby just fine. Cha seems to be copeing OK. I will add more when all the fuss has died down and they are home.
It doesn’t see fair that I have only been Dad for 3 Months and now, even if joking, being called Grandpa.

The Extended Thai Family

The Extended Family
The Extended Family

I thought it was about time I explained a few things about my life in Thailand. As with some other countries the idea of the extended family is fully embraced in Thailand. You may have heard me mention “Big C”. Well, Big C is my term for the property we own opposite the “Big C” Superstore in South Pattaya. Basically it is a four story building of which the bottom two floors are the Hair Salon and Massage Business. With the top two floors forming “family accommodation” broken in to about 5 rooms. The first thing to say is that Sa and I DON’T live there because there is no way I want to share my personal space with the rest of the human race. That said everyone else seems quite happy.

This photo is just to illustrate how many “family “do live upstairs.

Back row left to right
Kwan – Sa niece from her dead brother who is staying for a while.
Na – Sa’s Sister who donated her eggs for Master Ben
Master Ben – My lovely little boy!
Sa – My wife
Nui – Sa’s daughter in law who is 8 Months Pregnant so a new family addition next month!

Front row left to right
Purn – Na’s Eldest Daughter
Pat – Na’s Younger Daughter
Cha – Sa’s Son with his Ewok (Sorry Dog) called Lucky
Camta – Sa’s Nephew from her older Sister

And missing from the picture………

My Cat Neo who did a disappearing act when he thought he might have to wake up and Grandma who is away up country.

So, as you can see its one great big family with another new addition on the way. It’s pretty good really but without somewhere else to go home to, I think I could very easily go totally bonkers!

Away Again

He needs a hair cut!
He needs a hair cut!
Yet again I have been away this week in the Philippines trying to sort out a new distributor. Sa said to me you won’t believe how much Ben has changed this week. She was right! He has started making all sorts of new sounds and his range of facial expressions has increased dramatically and more importantly he now recognizes people (or at least Me and Sa) which is lovely. I also bought him a new Crib in the Philippines which folds into a small bag. Specifically so we can take it to England with us in August. But more on that tomorrow.

A Busy Week

Hello All,

I have been away in Roi Et this week tying up some unfinished business which I should be able to tell everyone about next month – very good news for Me, Sa and Especially Master Ben!

I O'Clock in the Morning still wide awake!
1 O'Clock in the Morning still wide awake!

When I arrived home on Thursday I couldn’t believe how Ben has changed in the last few days. Firstly his sleeping pattern has changed, Gone are the peaceful evenings where he slept while we were out for dinner to be replaced with wide open eyes watching everything. Not necessarily noisy but you can see the little sponge starting to soak up everything. Its really wonderful.

How to Bath Ben in a Hotel Room!
How to Bath Ben in a Hotel Room!

Sa showed me if you lay him on his tummy he is already starting to push up and he can lift his head for several seconds. I don’t think it will be long before he is in to everything.

On Friday Morning we went back to Bangkok to make Bens Thai passport. He already has his English one. So as of next week, he is all set for his first trip in August

Friday afternoon we went to visit several more of his “Aunties and Uncles” in Bangkok, my goodness he is going to be a spoiled little boy when he grows up!

Saturday Morning I actual got him to laugh for the first time because I blew a raspberry on his tummy! Such I nice feeling. It was also Ben’s first night away from home. He seemed quite OK in the hotel and with all the attention the staff were giving him. We found the perfect way to bath him.

Momento From the Hospital
Momento From the Hospital

When we got home Sa showed me what had arrived from the Hospital. This is all part of the service. It’s really rather cute with plaster casts of his feet and his birth sign and the rest of the info.

Ben this Morning
Ben this Morning

This Morning (Sunday) Ben and I went for a lovely walk to Café De Mar and stopped with Uncle Shawn and Uncle Shian. Ben managed to smile at everyone.

Ben Spins his New Wheels

Oblivious to Sushi!

This post should really be titled “Neil couldn’t wait to take Ben for a spin in his new Buggy” But that sounds really boring doesn’t it. Anyway, Yesterday we took him to Central Department Store, we pushed him around for 3 hours and he never woke up. Not one murmur.

We even stopped at an all you can eat Sushi/Japanese food place and everyone came to look but no reaction at all. In some ways it’s great we can go anywhere but just sometimes it worries me when he sleeps so much. Having said that everyone tells me that’s what he is suppose to do and its OK.

By the way don’t ask about Bens Hat, if I had my way he would have a nice romper suit and one blanket just in case the Air Con is too much but as you can see the poor boy is still being cooked like a lobster!



Ben’s New Wheels!

Nearly as Hot as a Ferrari!
Nearly as Hot as a Ferrari!

While in Bangkok Yesterday I went to Central Department Store in Chidlom. I wanted to look for a good Pram/Car Seat/Carry Cot all in one unit which would last for a few years. I can’t believe that I was actually thinking about something with Wheels that wasn’t a Porsche or Ferrari! They really didn’t have much selection seeing as this was supposedly the best place in Thailand to get one, I was a little disappointed. It took me about an hour to decide what to do. After test driving several (yes I did walk up and down with them to everyone’s amusement) and collapsing them to see how easy it is and generally having a good play, the only one that was any good, as you would expect, was the most expensive.
Now, before Ben was born everyone said you will only want the best for your son and I always thought, naaaa as long as he is comfortable, well fed and loved no problem. Oh how wrong I was, this bloody push chair that he won’t ever really notice has been chosen wth more care and affection than I ever thought possible. Just part of having a family I guess!