Checkups and Watching things Grow

Now we can see the baby
Now we can see the baby

Today was another Checkup day. Currently these are every Month but will become every two weeks after about 7 Months.

At last we can start to see the baby and all its bits so to speak, although we won’t know its sex fro a few months yet. The doctor says Sa is doing fine and everything is healthy. All the blood test have come back OK and its “steady as she goes”.  The Nurses at Hospital are all clucking over Sa like Hens. I don’t think its that often they have older Mothers.

I am just starting to get excited now. I caught myself looking at baby clothes the other day. Not sure if thats good or bad.

Why Can’t I Buy Nice Clothes!

As Sa starts to grow I have have watched her tummy grow. Slowly at first then gathering speed. As we have gone along I have been fascinated by the changes she has gone through.

We have had the grumpy period, the “I’m fat period”, and finally she is glowing. But through all of this she has been on a constant search for “nice” maternity clothes. It seems that in Thailand they only have a very limited selection and you can always tell a pregnant woman because they all have the same “uniform”. We have ended up looking far and wide with a good percentage comming from aroad while I am on my travels.