Lucky’s not from Earth!


Cha and the Girls were playing with Lucky this morning and he was bouncing around as usual. It’s funny but as I was looking at him and thinking, there was something in the back of my mind telling me I had seen this picture before.
It took me a while to figure it out and find a picture. But it’s true he’s an EWOK I am sure of it!

Suppose I had better say the Ewok picture is copywrite Lucas Films or something!

Best Friends

Ben and Neon - Best Friends
Lucky and Neo - Best Friends

When we brought Baby Ben home from the hospital I was quite concerned about Neo and Lucky. I have heard lots of stories about animals being jealous and hurting babies. So when we arrived back and let them have a good look and sniff at Ben it was with a degree of apprehension.
But it seems there was no need to worry. For obvious reason they have both got side lined a little since Ben arrived so what have they done. Become best friends, I have never seen a cat and dog sleep together, eat together and play together like these two. Maybe they understand the Thai family concept of everyone living together.
Who knows, but only in Thailand!

Names Names Names

Neo the Cat
Neo the Cat

Inevitably the conversation has turned to names now we know its a boy! We have spent many hours already compiling lists and having lots of discussion.

We are both agreed that his Surname (Namsacun in Thai) will be Vass, however the discussions ref his other names has been going on and on. We both agree we want a short name and an English name. This has helped somewhat and we now have a short list of names and gradually we are crossing them off.

Now we are down to two names Ben and Neo. I like Neo because of the film Matrix but is this a good enough reason to give our poor little boy a name like Neo!

Me thinks not!

So a great compromise has been reached. I am going to call our new Cat Neo which means our Son is going to be Ben Edward Vass. Oh boy this house is going to be so full soon with Neo the Cat, Lucky the Dog, Ben, Pat, Purn Cha’s Daughter (as yet un-named) and all the rest of the family. I am so glad we actually live a few minutes away and can at least escape the madness sometimes.