Another Year, Another Birthday, Another Baby!

Thinking Hard!
Thinking Hard!
4 Months and Growing
4 Months and Growing

It’s that time of year again!. Next year is the big one that I am not looking forward too, the big five O!

I think it’s time everyone new I am going to be a daddy for the second time. ( Horray, The last time as well I hope. ) Kwan is now 20 weeks pregnant and the baby is strong and health. This month’s scan showed us all his finger and toes and his face! At 4 1/2 months you can’t really see what he is going to look like but it’s still amazing what technology can do these days. It’s another little boy (groan), I really wanted a little girl but never mind, He is due on October the 18th so Ben is going to have a half brother.

Thinking about names right now. Why is it so hard to find the right name. I want something short like Ben so right now the list includes Joe, Sam, Max etc. Any suggestions gratefully received!

The Penultimate Scan

You can see his Nose!

This we dully did. Sa was lying there with the scanner on her tummy and the Doctor was measuring the size of Ben. Suddenly the Doctor gave a very sharp intake of breath. Sa and I said in unison. What’s the matter! S he only uttered one word in reply. Cesarean!

Sa looked at me with a look of horror on her face. hats the matter I asked again. He is going to be a very big baby was the reply. There is no way he can come out normally!

Sa really didn’t look too happy about this, but Ben seems to be on a role now and just bursting to get out.

If you look at the scan on this post and put your head on your right shoulder you can see Bens nose and mouth which look nice and normal to the doctor and us.

Everyone is already saying he has my nose. We will have to wait a little bit longer to see.

So the 11th May it is, unless Ben decides he wants out before then!

Bens Woken Up!

A Big Baby
A Big Baby with Big Legs

Now Ben has a name he seems to have woken up and started kicking with all his might! He was kicking before but now its totally amazing. Yesterday morning he kicked away for nearly one Hour. He is keeping Sa away all the time now. When we asked the doctor she just laughed, said it was absolutely fine and told us we were going to have a very large very boisterous, little boy will keep our hands full. Well thanks Doctor!


Sa is definitely getting worried now, just by the size of her and feeling this little bundle in her tummy which kicks all day and night, I can just imagine how big a handful he is going to be.

Are Pregnant Women Suppose To Be This Big!

Only 6 Months!
Only 6 Months!

Sa is getting worried now!

The Doctor tells her, our little boy is going to be a very big baby. He has strong legs and may well come early as he is nearly cooked!

Before this Sa thought she would have a natural birth but she is wavering now. I don’t blame her asI cannot guess how painful giving birth is.  So we seem to be down to an Epidural or Cesarean. I think the final choice is down to Sa.

Just look at this picture of her at 6 months and you will see what I mean. Everyone is asking “is it twins?”. We are assured its only one!

Is it a Girl or Boy

Sa Relaxing and Getting Bigger

Last Week we went for the usual scan and they took the samples needed to tell us what the baby will be. Today we returned to get the Results.

All along I have been wanting a little girl but Sa thinks a little boy would be better in the typical Thai style. Her reasoning is that when we get older Sons can look after you, where as daughters get married and go away. All I can think of is the Sin Sod (Dowry). We have already had to help Cha with his Sin Sod as he is going to Marry Nui next month before there baby is born. 

In the west the idea of Children looking after there Parents when old is so different to Thai style. I know that it will not work out like that becaue this baby being 1/2 western will grow up with a whole load of different ideas to the typical Thai ideals.

Anyway I digress, in comes the doctor and…….Its a boy!!!!!

Oh Well, give me a few days and I am sure I will get used to the idea. 

Sa seemed happy enough until I told her that the next one needs to be a little girl. Definately not the smartest of moves on my part!

A Small Bomb Shell

Sa and Cha in the UK 2007

Today Sa and I had some news which I think is probably good in the long run but was certainly a shock to start with. Sa’s Son, Cha came to talk with his mum after lunch sounding very sheepish. He came to tell us that his girlfriend was also pregant and due about two Months after Sa.

So, Cha at the age of 26 is going to have a new brother or sister followed very swiftly buy his own Son or Daughter. As Cha is now living in the flat above the Salon and this is where we also spend a lot of time, I guess the two of them are going to grow up together. I am finding it very strang to think of all the babies around this place.

Firstly we have Pat and Purn who are Sa’s sisters daughters aged 7 and 10 years.

Secondly we have our baby for which we borrowed Na’s eggs so they are sort of related.

Thirdly we have Cha and Nui’s Baby who will be the youngest and grow up with its Uncles and Aunties who are only a little bit older.

Nobody seems bother at tall by all this but my head starts spinning every time I think about it.

At least if all these Children are under one roof we can play pass ther parcel and hand down clothes etc which will keep the cost down, but I have a feeling its going to be a mad house with the Neo the Cat and Lucky the Dog thrown in for good measure.

Checkups and Watching things Grow

Now we can see the baby
Now we can see the baby

Today was another Checkup day. Currently these are every Month but will become every two weeks after about 7 Months.

At last we can start to see the baby and all its bits so to speak, although we won’t know its sex fro a few months yet. The doctor says Sa is doing fine and everything is healthy. All the blood test have come back OK and its “steady as she goes”.  The Nurses at Hospital are all clucking over Sa like Hens. I don’t think its that often they have older Mothers.

I am just starting to get excited now. I caught myself looking at baby clothes the other day. Not sure if thats good or bad.

Why Can’t I Buy Nice Clothes!

As Sa starts to grow I have have watched her tummy grow. Slowly at first then gathering speed. As we have gone along I have been fascinated by the changes she has gone through.

We have had the grumpy period, the “I’m fat period”, and finally she is glowing. But through all of this she has been on a constant search for “nice” maternity clothes. It seems that in Thailand they only have a very limited selection and you can always tell a pregnant woman because they all have the same “uniform”. We have ended up looking far and wide with a good percentage comming from aroad while I am on my travels.