Sorry! it’s been a while

Sorry its been rather a long times since I updated Littlevass. About two weeks ago Kwan and I went to a friends wedding. its was Joe’s first time in a tie he looked so hansom.

At the Wedding

Then last weekend Ben came to stay and for the first time they played nicely together without getting upset. We even had a nice dinner!

Out for Dinner

A nice weekend

Joe is nearly 5 months old now and can sit up on his own. We bought him a set of wheels to play in last week. Kwan thought he wouldn’t be able to use them for a few months but how wrong she was. He is already pushing himself around the room at quite a speed.


This weekend Ben came to stay and took great delight in pushing Joe around. It was lovely to see them playing together.


Swimming with Daddy

Now Joe is over 3 Months old so Kwan and I decided it was time for his first swim. We bought a lovely little pair of swimming trunks that are lined to stop him doing things in the pool. He didn’t scream once. Good Boy. Just not so sure about the colour!

He’s finally here!

Joe at the Hospital
Joe at the Hospital

So its with much fanfare that I wish to introduce you to, Joe Nikolas Tamachat Vass. He was born on the 12th October at Phayathai Hospital Bangkok at 8.05am weight was 2.79Kg Quite small but absolutely fine. My first thoughts are that he looks quite like Ben! We are now back home and Joe is settling in nicely. Just like Ben he is quite (no screaming in the middle of the night), but already we can see he knows what he likes and dislikes Next weekend Ben is coming to stay so we will see what my son’s make of each other for the first time. It should be interesting!

Bens First Job!

Because Ben is 50% Thai and 50% English most Thais will look at him as having “Perfect Skin Colour” coupled with his long eyebrows and cute grin I have long suspected he would make a great kids model.
Last week Kwan and I were shopping for some clothes and the owner of “Kids Planet” Clothing was in one of their stores and she took one look at Ben and said “I want him” and so here we are 3 weeks later. First modelling assignment completed and hopefully more to come.
The funny thing is he knew something was up, and when, after the shoot the Lady tried to hand payment to his Mum he said “Pom Tang” which translates to “My Money” and he wouldn’t let her have it. When pushed as to “Don’t you think she can look after it for you”, the answer was “Mai Owe” (Don’t want) He gave it to Daddy to look after. I love it, he’s learning so fast!

Bens First job
Bens First job