Ben and the Ladyboy

Ben and the Ladyboy
Ben and the Ladyboy

Last night we went out for dinner on Jomtien see front. After we had finished I really fancied a drink so we decided to go down Soi Whitehouse, which is a small Street full of bars.

One bar we know quite well as a friend of mine has shall we say, an interest in one of the bars. As we approached it was obvious that everyone was well on the way to a good night.

Nobody has seen us since Ben arrived and as you can imagine Ben was overwhelmed by all the attention.  Most of the attention died away quite quickly except for the resident lady body who kept on tell everyone how “Nalak” or sweet Ben was.

She went and found him a Mickey Mouse fan and proceeded to fuss all over him and cool him down while we finished our drinks. As we said our good byes and walked off the lady boy shouted after us. “Can I look after him when he gets to 18 please”

In the picture you can see the warning symbol on his carry chair. But I do think its very appropriately placed on the Lady boy, don’t you!

Definitely time to go home master Ben. Quite enough excitement for one day!

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