Aunty Lisa comes to Visit

Master Ben has had such a busy week this week. Aunty Lisa came to stay last Friday and he had a lovely time.  First he went to the beach and fell asleep all over Aunty Lisa. Then he went back to the condo and had his first swim! What a lucky boy.

After that Aunty Lisa and Daddy Neil went to work in Bangkok for the week and did some very good business. When Friday came and we got home we couldnt belive home much Master Ben had grown up.

His head is so much stronger and today he grasped one of his toys for the first time. So exiting! His little legs are kicking really well and he is watching everything. I mean EVERYTHING! from toys to television to people to lights and sounds.

I find it really hard to believe he can change this much in 5 days.

Aunty Lisa says he is the quitest most contented little boy she has ever seen. No crying or tantrums or anything – quite amazing.

Aunty Lisa meets Nong Ben
Aunty Lisa meets Nong Ben
Master Ben Chilling on the Beach
Master Ben Chilling on the Beach

I love my Aunty Lisa!
I love my Aunty Lisa!
Its COLD Daddy!
Its COLD Daddy!

3 thoughts on “Aunty Lisa comes to Visit

  • 19/07/2009 at 7:44 pm

    reminds me of me and my son Jamie at nearly five he gets a little heavy when i try carry him
    around and does not snuggle in as much treasure those baby days
    regards john thai expat info

  • 21/07/2009 at 11:18 am

    Aha….thats what we were wondering where Sr. Vass disappeared after last post of Ben’s fever. In fact, Harshangi was bit worried. Say our Hi.. to Lisa, she makes lovely picture with Ben.

    It wont be long before your quitest Ben becomes a big boy with lot of noise to make… watch out daddy… Howz Sa… give our regards to her too.


    Snehal & Harshangi

  • 03/08/2009 at 12:22 am

    Ahhhh I love Nong Ben :)

    I had such a wonderful time with you all and with Sa’s and Neils lovely family….

    I truly fell in love with Master Ben and hope to be in his life more often than not…. Neil and Sa are so very lucky to have a baby like Ben, He is a real pleasure – Having looked after numerous babies and children in my life as a Nanny feel able to make the comparasion….

    He is gorgeous!!!

    Neil and I had a great time in Bangkok and thankyou from the bottom of my heart for everything….

    Neil has a wonderful life in Thailand. It was great to see and be involved in all the things he talks about on his blog. He has created a fantastic life – something as his friend I am truly happy about….

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon here in the UK :)

    Love u all lots n lots, say ‘Hi’ to everyone from me …..

    Lisa xxx

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