The Extended Thai Family

The Extended Family
The Extended Family

I thought it was about time I explained a few things about my life in Thailand. As with some other countries the idea of the extended family is fully embraced in Thailand. You may have heard me mention “Big C”. Well, Big C is my term for the property we own opposite the “Big C” Superstore in South Pattaya. Basically it is a four story building of which the bottom two floors are the Hair Salon and Massage Business. With the top two floors forming “family accommodation” broken in to about 5 rooms. The first thing to say is that Sa and I DON’T live there because there is no way I want to share my personal space with the rest of the human race. That said everyone else seems quite happy.

This photo is just to illustrate how many “family “do live upstairs.

Back row left to right
Kwan – Sa niece from her dead brother who is staying for a while.
Na – Sa’s Sister who donated her eggs for Master Ben
Master Ben – My lovely little boy!
Sa – My wife
Nui – Sa’s daughter in law who is 8 Months Pregnant so a new family addition next month!

Front row left to right
Purn – Na’s Eldest Daughter
Pat – Na’s Younger Daughter
Cha – Sa’s Son with his Ewok (Sorry Dog) called Lucky
Camta – Sa’s Nephew from her older Sister

And missing from the picture………

My Cat Neo who did a disappearing act when he thought he might have to wake up and Grandma who is away up country.

So, as you can see its one great big family with another new addition on the way. It’s pretty good really but without somewhere else to go home to, I think I could very easily go totally bonkers!

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