A Busy Week

Hello All,

I have been away in Roi Et this week tying up some unfinished business which I should be able to tell everyone about next month – very good news for Me, Sa and Especially Master Ben!

I O'Clock in the Morning still wide awake!
1 O'Clock in the Morning still wide awake!

When I arrived home on Thursday I couldn’t believe how Ben has changed in the last few days. Firstly his sleeping pattern has changed, Gone are the peaceful evenings where he slept while we were out for dinner to be replaced with wide open eyes watching everything. Not necessarily noisy but you can see the little sponge starting to soak up everything. Its really wonderful.

How to Bath Ben in a Hotel Room!
How to Bath Ben in a Hotel Room!

Sa showed me if you lay him on his tummy he is already starting to push up and he can lift his head for several seconds. I don’t think it will be long before he is in to everything.

On Friday Morning we went back to Bangkok to make Bens Thai passport. He already has his English one. So as of next week, he is all set for his first trip in August

Friday afternoon we went to visit several more of his “Aunties and Uncles” in Bangkok, my goodness he is going to be a spoiled little boy when he grows up!

Saturday Morning I actual got him to laugh for the first time because I blew a raspberry on his tummy! Such I nice feeling. It was also Ben’s first night away from home. He seemed quite OK in the hotel and with all the attention the staff were giving him. We found the perfect way to bath him.

Momento From the Hospital
Momento From the Hospital

When we got home Sa showed me what had arrived from the Hospital. This is all part of the service. It’s really rather cute with plaster casts of his feet and his birth sign and the rest of the info.

Ben this Morning
Ben this Morning

This Morning (Sunday) Ben and I went for a lovely walk to Café De Mar and stopped with Uncle Shawn and Uncle Shian. Ben managed to smile at everyone.

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