Bath Time!

Wow – Ben’s first bath time was eventful. Obviously water is a new experience to the little boy, but I think he has already decided he doesn’t like it. The walls were shaking and I am sure the next door neigbours thought we we trying to murder him. Come to think of it he probably thought we were up to no good as well. He new something was up when we took him out of his nice warm towels and took his nappy off. His eyes openend wide, shortly followed by his mouth which didn’t close again till he was all wrapped up. Oh boy I hope it isn’t like that every time. It took two of us to get him washed as he was struggling so hard.

See what I mean!
See what I mean!

On another note why is it that everyone thinks he is cold. Nappy, Jomper suit, 2 Towels, Gloves and a Wool hat and the poor boy is scarlet. He looks like a well done lobster to me, but everyone including the doctor says, that’s ok, just keep him warm! Very Strange!

One thought on “Bath Time!

  • 01/05/2009 at 5:26 pm

    How snuggled is he????

    So glad you are finally a Dad Neil….. It’s fantastic…..

    How is Sa feeling??? Let us all know!! x

    Sending you all my love xxx :)

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