Not Going Shopping in Bangkok on Sunday

On Friday Sa said to me. Lets go shopping in Bangkok on Sunday as we didn’t make it last week (See last post). Yet again I was dubious as it was the day before Songkran starts. Well events over took us as most people will realize by now.

It started on Friday. We knew all the Red Shirts were going to come and protest the Asian Summit that was being held in Pattaya. We also knew something was going wrong when we could see a steady stream of Helicopters picking up all the heads of state from the hotel and flying them all to the military air base down the road. We were working in the boat yard on my boat at the time and suddenly all we could hear was police sirens and helicopters.

It all seemed to be over very quickly but I suspect the repercussions will be felt for a long time. Thailand lost a huge amount of face on Friday which will be very hard to get back.

Things now seem to be getting worse. The media hasn’t picked up on the 4 small bombs that went off in Pattaya last night and the local media isn’t even mentioning the problems on Friday or all the riots in Bangkok.

Sa says she is very upset to see Thailand in such a mess. The problem is nobody can see where its going to end up. I have an idea that it has some way to go yet. The problem is that the tourist industry and business in general is going to be nonexistent before things start to recover.

On a brighter note Sa is fine and still getting bigger. But she is starting to get nervous about the 11th May. I have feeling that Ben might just appear before then as Sa looks like a beached Whale right now (not meaning to be horrible) and he is getting more and more active.

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