The Penultimate Scan

You can see his Nose!

This we dully did. Sa was lying there with the scanner on her tummy and the Doctor was measuring the size of Ben. Suddenly the Doctor gave a very sharp intake of breath. Sa and I said in unison. What’s the matter! S he only uttered one word in reply. Cesarean!

Sa looked at me with a look of horror on her face. hats the matter I asked again. He is going to be a very big baby was the reply. There is no way he can come out normally!

Sa really didn’t look too happy about this, but Ben seems to be on a role now and just bursting to get out.

If you look at the scan on this post and put your head on your right shoulder you can see Bens nose and mouth which look nice and normal to the doctor and us.

Everyone is already saying he has my nose. We will have to wait a little bit longer to see.

So the 11th May it is, unless Ben decides he wants out before then!

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