Grumpy Old Me

On Friday Sa said to me, I want to go to the temple in Bangkok on Sunday, you know the one you usual take me to and the family are coming with me. To say the least, I was a little surprised, as Sunday was the day that our new Salon promotion was due to kick off. But being a nice person and thinking, well Sa is 7  1/2 months pregnant I will let it go but knowing in my heart that the whole thing was going to be a disaster.

Well sure enough Sunday came. We arrived in the salon to find it full of customers and kids running everywhere.  I waited for 2 hours while everyone pitched in to get customers turned round then I mentioned to Sa that we really needed to go as it was along drive. As I suspected the first people dropped by the wayside as all the staff including sister said in unison “we can’t go. to many customers” . The first smile of the day – told you so.

So 30 minutes later we set off with Grandma the children and two other people. It took 2 1/2 hours to get to Bangkok and the temple which is in the north east of Bangkok. As we arrived the heavens opened and everyone ran for cover. There was no where to keep out of the rain. Every last piece of dry space was piled high with sleeping bags and ground sheets as everyone was suppose to be sleeping in the open air. I should point out that I had told Sa till I was blue in the face that it wouldn’t be dry but nobody listened to me as usual.

When the rain stopped we trundled off through the mud to pay respects to various Monks and Buddha statues with me getting crosser and crosser as I see Sa handing over more and more of her monthly allowance to various monks. It didn’t help that as the rain stopped the humidity shot to 100% and with the heat everything was sticky and unbearable making me even more grumpy.

Well given an hour of mud and rain everyone was already thinking that its wasn’t a good idea to stay but Grandma was nowhere to be seen! Eventually after 2 hours she was located somewhere and returned to the car with a very grumpy me waiting inside.  We all piled in and set off for home. As we left Sa says, well lets go into Bangkok and do some shopping for the baby, we still haven’t got a push chair or a car seat. My reply, a very strained where exactly are we going to put these purchases as I now a car full of people and luggage to take all the way back to Pattaya!

By this time the kids and I are hungry so we stop at a service station to eat. Sa says lets all eat some nice Thai food, the kids reply KFC! tee hee hee.

Well, we eventually get home at 8:30pm with a very tired grumpy me, after 5 hours driving and petrol, food, road tolls etc making my wallet about 3000 baht lighter and for what. 3 Hours in a soggy temple throwing away money and trying to find Grandma.

Welcome to Thailand!

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