IVF The Beginning

Na waking up after giving Eggs

Before I get on to daily blogging I have some catching up to do.

In this first entry I want to outline our  IVF procedure and the costs for anyone that is interested.

When we went for our original consultation the doctor said everything was possible but she was worried about Sa’s age. At 45 years old the doctor felt her eggs were probably not going to be strong enough. So after some family discussion Sa’s sister Na who is 35 years old said she was happy to donate her eggs.

The doctor wasn’t even sure she was young enough but, as it turns out she had very strong healthy eggs. So after 3 weeks of hormone injections for Na, blood tests for all three of us, the day came where I had to go and dutifully perform while the doctor extracted the eggs from Na.

Apparently she took 16 eggs from which they fertilized the biggest 8, of which 6 and the unfertilizer 8 where put into deep storage “just in case”, while the remaining two were made ready for Sa.

The following week Sa and I returned to Phya Thai Hospital where the doctor insert two fertilized eggs back into Sa.

The cost of all this, around 220,000 baht which translates to about 4500 Pounds.  Much less than you would pay in England I think.

Now we have to wait and see for a month!

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