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Its been a very long time (nearly 3 years since I have spent time working on this WEB site. An awful lot has changed since then. I believe, mostly for the better.

I have at long last found some time to start work on this site again. There is an awful lot of content which I want to keep and some which needs changing as it is no longer relevant and the site is also going to get a makeover.

But above all there is a lot of new content to add about lfe in Thailand and about my and the rest of my families lives, including an addition to the family next year!

I will keep up the update section at the bottom so people can see what is new. I will also be adding a proper blog linked to this site all about our family addition and how it integrates into our lives.

If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to Email me or leave your Comments.

If anyone has arrive here looking for the class of 73 re-union site please follow this link.

Living in Thailand

The Second Lounge

The Welcome Murial

Since the last update I have got remarried and built a chain of Hair and Massage shops in Thailand with my new wife. We live in Jomtien and run our business from offices nearby.

Life in pretty good out here and the recession doesn't feel quite so deep as people don't have so much money in the first place.

Gemini in the Uk still seems OK at the moment but time will tell next year if we need to tighten our belts. Yo will be seeing a lot more about Business and life in Thailand over the next few months.

Site Updates - 4th April 2009

On the way to Ha Long Bay

  1. The site has been down for a month or so while I have moved its location. Its back up now and I should be able to start work again soon.
  2. Today I have started work on the makeover and new structure of the site.
  3. The last update I made to this site was the 12th January 2006.

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